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Let It Go In Three Simple Steps

Do you ever feel so insanely irritated at the people around you who are messing up your great day? You're living your best life and your chi is right on-point when, from our of no where, someone just comes along and gets under your skin so much you feel like a volcano on the verge of exploding! If this resonates, you're not alone. Today was a day just like that. I decided to write about what I do to release that negative energy - while helping you let go of your negative energy too!

Emotions are energy. As we learned in junior high school, energy is neither created or destroyed. You can transfer energy. You can convert energy from one form to another. You can retain energy. You can release energy. If energy can't be destroyed, it will stay in our bodies until we either release it, convert it, or transfer it.

As an empath, I spent a lot of my life wondering why I felt so crappy after visiting with certain people. A friend would come to my house feeling stressed and depressed, then leave as light as a feather. The only problem was, I was the one feeling stressed and depressed now. I took on my friend's negative energy and allowed them to feel better, while I felt so much worse. Energy transference isn't bad, as long as the person taking on the negative energy knows how to release it in a healthy way, which I didn't.

After years of taking on the negative energy of those around me (people flock to those they can transfer their negative energy to), I developed cancer. It was a wake up call that something had to change. So began my journey of discovering who I was, what I was feeling, why I was feeling that way, and how to release and let go. Not just release what didn't server me, but release everything. If you hold on to any emotion for too long, it becomes a need, and needs are the very things you want to let go of. I came up with 3 simple (but not necessarily easy) steps I want to share with you. Use these 3 steps release, let go, and create peace in your life. If I can do it, so can you.

Step 1: Name The Emotion (Energy)

When you feel an emotion (energy) start to bubble up, get still and figure out what it is. Is it anger? Maybe it's guilt? Could it be shame? It's important you understand what each emotion feels like to you. Name it, out loud, by saying, "I am feeling (name of emotion) right now." As soon as you name it, the energy starts to release. It's like a little child who keeps calling your name over and over until you finally acknowledge them. The energy wants to know that you know what it is. Once you name the energy, then move immediately into the next step.

Step 2: Name Where the Energy Likes to Visit

Energies usually have specific locations in our bodies they like to visit. Maybe you carry your shame in your shoulders and your guilt in your heart. Maybe your frustration likes to visit your neck or your head. When these energies become long-term visitors, illness starts to set in. Migraines, ulcers, cancer, chronic neck pain, are all signs of a problem, and can often be traced to stuck energy. Once you figure out and name the emotion, pay attention to your body and name where you're feeling that emotion the strongest. I carry my feelings of overwhelm in my heart space. I can literally feel my chest tighten when I'm overwhelmed. This second step is crucial to the energy release.

Step 3: Get Still and Breathe

Put your focus on where in your body the stuck energy is and breathe deeply into that area of your body. What do I mean by that? Take a deep breath in (preferably through your nose) and picture that place in your body. As you breathe out, imaging that area in your body releasing that energy. Give it a color, any color that you feel fits the energy. See that energy being released from your body with each exhale while you relax more with each inhale. Continue until you no longer feel the stuck energy.

Warning: You will NOT want to do this. For some reason, we like to hold on to our negative energies. You will fight this, but stick with it. If you want to free yourself from the negative energies that have accumulated in your body, these three, simple steps can help! Drop me a line and let me know how this worked for you.

Sending love,

Faith Joy

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