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How to Manifest the Right Way

There are A LOT of people out there telling you how to attract what you want into your life, but there's a problem. Many of them are telling you the wrong way to do it. Like a recipe, they're missing the key (or, sometimes, more than one) ingredient. Well, my friend, I've got you covered. The recipe and all the steps are below. Get out your ingredients, turn on your internal flame, and let's get cooking.

Before we start throwing ingredients in a bowl, it's always important to read the recipe instructions (otherwise you may get some unpleasant surprises), so let's talk first about what it means to manifest something.

Manifesting is simply getting into the vibrational frequency of the thing you want to manifest. If you're thinking, "vibration-what?", you're not alone. Let me explain.

Oxford dictionary defines manifest as to "display or show a feeling by one's acts or appearance." Manifesting (when done right) is all about feeling. Vibrational energy is also all about feeling. To manifest something you need to create and maintain the right feelings. Are you feeling me? ;)

Everything is Energy and Everything Has Energy

The universe is all a flow of energetic vibrations, and we bring into our lives what we are vibrationally an energetic match for. Do you know those people who always seem to win things (I'm one of those people) and you can't understand how they get so lucky? They are a match for bringing more abundance into their lives. Likewise, those people who seem to be dripping with drama and bad news to share about something horrible happening to them, they are vibrating at an energetic level that attracts those things to them.

So, which do you want to be?

If you want to learn to manifest wonderful things in your life (a new, loving partner, a promotion or new job, your dream house, or insert-what-you-want), I've outlined exactly what you need to do. Read on for your best life ever!

Step 1: Get Into the Right Energy

The thoughts you think are made up of words. Words have meaning to us and that meaning is linked to an emotion. When you think fear-based, low-vibrational (negative or fearful) thoughts, you feel those kinds of emotions. When you think faith-based, high-vibrational (positive or faith-filled) thoughts, you have those kinds of emotions. The key is to get into the right emotion. Remember, emotion is energy in motion.

Find a quiet place and either sit with your back straight (good posture is critical, and I'll tell you why in another post), or stand with your feet hip-width apart, back straight, hands on hips. Make sure your head is held high, with head over heart and heart over pelvis. Now, close your eyes and go on a gratitude rant. A gratitude rant is where you picture in your head things you're grateful for, while you feel deeply grateful for each thing. You can say them out loud or in your mind, but feeling grateful is critical. Do not stop until you have felt grateful for at least 2 full minutes. (NOTE: A gratitude rant isn't the only way to get into a positive energy, but it's one of the easiest.)

Next, think about what it is you want and feel that same deep gratitude as you were feeling with the things you already have in your life. Do that for another 2 to 3 minutes. Starting with what you know you already have is a short-cut to learning to feel grateful for what you are manifesting, even though it hasn't arrived in physical form yet.

Step 2: Trigger Positive Energy Throughout the Day

Set an alarm (mine is set for 3 different times each day) where you take a few minutes and repeat Step 1. If you have a hard time picturing exactly what you want, find it (or something similar) online, print and cut out the pictures and display them where you will see them each day. This helps you get a mental picture. I have a vision board of all the various things I am manifesting into my life. Without fail, everything on my vision board eventually happens or comes into my life. When it does, I celebrate with gratitude, find someone to help (giving back is huge in manifesting) and update my vision board with something new.

Getting into a positive state 3 times a day helps you maintain that state longer throughout the day. Since the feeling is what is attracting your desire, you want to stay a vibrational match for it as long and as often as you can.

Step 3: Give Back with Love and Generosity

Giving with love brings a light-heart and smile, while giving with a grudge, brings everything vile. The energy in which you do or give something, in large part, determines the outcome of what you did or gave. If you give because you felt guilty or pressured it will have a very different outcome in your life than if you give with love and a feeling of abundance. We don't get what we want, we get what we are (what we're an energetic match for). Do something kind for someone every day and you will quickly see a difference in your abundance.

Step 4: Or Something Better

I use positive mantras, coupled with deep emotion to manifest what I want, but I always add "or something better" at the end. Doing this I have manifested cars, week-long trips, spa packages, money, a new job, more money, new opportunities, my amazing husband, my puppy, my dream house, and more! It's quite possible you're not thinking big enough, so give God, the universe, or whatever you call your higher power, the chance to blow your mind.

If you're wanting to manifest more wealth, here's what your mantra might looking like: I am so happy and grateful to be receiving between X and X dollars, or something better, a day for my services. I am so wildly blessed and compensated. I deserve the best and I'm getting the best. Money comes quickly and easily to me. More and more and more money comes to me each and every day. (NOTE: A lot of people have blocks around making and keeping money. Seek out someone like myself or another coach who can help you unblock your energies if you are having trouble manifesting money.)

Step 5: Daily Practice

Manifesting is a way of life. It's not something you do every now and then, or on the weekends. When you desire to truly live an abundant, amazing life, you need to go all-in, otherwise your energy will match your input. If you want an astonishing life, you need to live in that energy daily.

Besides...once you live in the energy of love, gratitude, and holy-cow abundance, I don't know anyone who wants to go back.

Now that you have the ingredients, get cooking! Only you can stop you from abundance. You are the master chef of your own life creation.

Sending love!

Faith Joy

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