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3 Steps to a Happier Life

Choice is a gift. We choose everything we bring into our lives. Each choice is a deposit or a withdrawal into your personal energy escrow account. Are you filling or depleting your reserves?

I've chosen to struggle with being at a weight I didn't align with most of my life. Are you at a weight you're not in alignment with? If you're not happy with your weight, you're out of alignment with it - you're not alone in that. My problem was, I wanted my results all at once. I would literally daydream about a genie appearing with 3 wishes for me. One of my wishes was to wake up with Cindy Crawford's body and my face while still (and this is the really juicy part) being able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, however much I wanted, and never put on any weight. You logical thinkers out there are shaking your heads at me right now.

Well, guess what happened? I put on more weight! I was fearfully trying to wish away my problem by focusing on the problem and an unrealistic quick fix. I wasn't in alignment with myself and the Universe. My thoughts were all about what I didn't have, so I attracted more of what I didn't have.

I'm sure Cindy wants to keep her body and I've come to a place where I want to keep mine. I'm happy with it. I LOVE my body! That didn't happen all at once and the only genie involved was my inner self coming into alignment with what I wanted by changing my thoughts. It starts with the words you think in your head. Change your thoughts, change your life.

Here's how you can change yours.

What you must remember is this: You live in the residuals of your past choices. Your future is still being created by your present choices and your present is the vibrational match to what you've been putting into the universe with your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

If your thoughts determine your emotions (and they do) and your emotions determine your actions (which they also do), then the results of those actions are your present and future realities.

Let that sink in for a hot minute.

You are the master creator of your own destiny!

Have you ever read a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book? You get to the dead end in the cave with the murderous creature close behind, and you are given some choices. You can extinguish your light, hide in the darkness, and pray the monster doesn't sniff you out. You can stand your ground and fight the monster. You can try to look for a hole to climb through or leverage to climb up higher. Once you make your choice, you turn to a specific page in the book and discover your fate. Here's a word of advice, hiding in the dark almost always gets you eaten.

Honestly, it's better to NOT get yourself into the situation where you're trapped in a dark cave with a monster, but so many of us are making daily choices that leave us living in a nightmare. The secret is to start choosing differently. How do you do that? You change your thoughts.

I'm know that sounds daunting, but hear me out. It's a very small, little-by-little process. Like releasing my excess weight, I needed to be patient and allow the process to work. How long it takes really depends on your dedication to feeling happy and how long you've been in the vibrational rut of misery. No matter where you are, I've got some things you can do to keep you from getting eaten by the monster.

1. Stop Complaining

Complaining is the first thing that needs to go. You must become aware of the words you are thinking and saying in order to change your life.

Activity: Carry a notebook around with you and, every time you start to complain about something, stop and write down your complaint, then flip it on its head and rewrite it in a positive way. People at work may think you're a little strange, but that's okay! When you start shifting vibrationally, it makes some individuals uncomfortable because you are shedding the layers of your old, miserable self - and misery loves company. The miserable people you've been hanging around with won't like it. Be an example to help lift them up. Don't let them drag you down.

Example: You complain about your child never getting their chores done and everyone in the office starts complaining about the same thing, which spirals into how their spouse never helps and even their dog is lazy. Instead, stop and write down your complaint, then flip it in its head. Now you have something like, "My child needs to feel loved and connected with to feel like a valuable, contributing member of the family." Whoa...did you see how that went from you being the victim to something you can engage in and find a solution to?

2. Start Saying Thank You

The vibration of gratitude is one of the most powerful and it's also one of the easiest to align yourself with. If you want to start feeling good fast, say thank you to everyone. Thank the person bagging your groceries. Thank the person at the bank. Thank your spouse, partner, kids, and even your pets! It's not about changing other people - you can't do that. It's about allowing yourself to get into good-feeling alignment.

Activity: Do one (or both) of these activities. Set an alarm to go on a gratitude rampage first thing in the morning, at lunch, and before bed. A gratitude rampage is simply 60 seconds of you walking (or looking) around and saying thank you out loud (you can do it in your head if you really need to) for everything you see. You can also write a thank you note every day for 30 days and give it to someone. You can't help but smile when you do these activities.

Example: You get up in the morning and your feet hit the floor, so you say, "I'm so grateful to have feet. I'm so grateful to have carpet. I'm so grateful for the sheep who gave the wool for my carpet. I'm so grateful for the people who sheared the sheep and the ones who distributed and crafted the wool into carpet. I'm so grateful for the people who sold and installed my carpet!" Standing up you say, "I'm so grateful for my healthy, strong legs. I'm so grateful for my pajama bottoms that feel so soft. I'm so grateful for the people who..." Get the picture?

3. Meditate to Feel Great

Three to five minutes of meditation each day really can change your life. You don't need to sit for 60, 30, or even 15 minutes (although, you may decide you want to after a while). Mediation is an allowing of God, the Universe, your vortex, or whatever you call it, to align with you and stop resisting the good. There is only allowing and resisting. God creates and gives all good. We either allow it or resist it.

Activity: Start with white noise or a fan you can focus on. If a thought comes to your mind, thank it and release it, always coming back to the white noise or fan. This may be difficult at first, but will get easier with practice. You are putting yourself into a state of allowing by choosing not to focus on the negative thoughts that are so rampant in your mind. After a couple of weeks, spend a few minutes focusing on the white noise or fan, then add in some daydreaming. Just like when you were a kid! Dream about all of the wonderful, feel-good-to-your toes things you want in life. Open yourself up to FEELING GOOD. That's all you need to do - open yourself up an allow good things to come.

Example: This is a personal example. One of my morning routines was to start each day with 7 minutes of meditation. I would focus on the sound of my breath, then move into daydreaming, which put me in a state of creation. As days turned into weeks, the feel-goods from daydreaming would last longer and longer after my meditation ended. It didn't matter what I daydreamed about, as long as it felt really good. Usually it was about abundance in wealth and loving relationships. One day, I realized I was in a state of feeling good most of the time! I don't know when I got there, but it felt great! :)

Every day you have the choice to feel a little better or feel a little worse. There is no standing still. Each choice you make throughout your day moves your vibrational needle towards happiness or misery. It doesn't happen all at once. One day, down the road, you'll wake up and realize you're a happy person or you're a miserable person and you will wonder how you got where you are.

You will marvel at the awesomeness or the awfulness of your life. Guess what? You did that. You created the awesomeness and you created the awfulness. It's all in the power of your thoughts, leading to emotions (energy in motion), which turn into actions, and bring about results.

What are your going to choose? Want to be happy? You abso-freaking-lutely can! Start doing these 3, simple steps each day and one day you will realize you are a different, happier person and - this is one of the best parts - so are the people around you.

Sending love!

Faith Joy (The Fear Engineer)

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